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Isabell 60% Keyboard

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Isabell is a premium, gasket mounted 60% keyboard. It features a removable blocker so you can configure between WinKey and WinKeyLess configuration. It also includes multiple foam configuration so you can pick between extra flex with less foam or fuller typing sound with more foam. 


  • 6.5 degree typing angle
  • Four colors: E-White, Black, Wine Red, Purple
  • Poron Gasket Mount
  • Aluminum Accent Mid-Piece and removable WinKey Blocker (WK / WKL)
  • Included Aluminum Plate (Random Black/Silver Color)
  • Included Plate Foam*2, Case Foam, and PCB Foam
  • Included Multi-Layout Hot-Swappable Flex-Cut PCB designed by Keyspensory
  • Compatible with other GH60 1.6MM PCBs

Included PCB Layout:

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