Pre-Order/Extras Policy

What is a Pre-Order (Extras) ?

Pre-Order (Extras) is referring to the extra orders of GB items purchased by vendors to sell after GB has ended. This is to help the people who have missed the GB due to various reasons but still want the GB items. The pricing on Pre-Order items would be higher than GB pricing due to up front cost for vendors.


Extras are usually limited. For everyone to have a fair chance to purchase the merchandise they want, please refrain from purchasing multiples of the same item. If suspicious bulk purchasing has been observed, order will be canceled with no warning.


When the product is in Pre-Order stage, this means that the merchandises are shipped from the manufactuer and on-route to KanataKeys. They will be shipped around the estimated shipping time. Pricing during this stage will be slightly lower than Extras pricing.

When the product is in Extras stage, this means that the merchandises have arrived at our warehouse, they will be shipped as an in-stock items.

If you mix other in-stock items to the same order with Pre-Order items. They will be shipped when all items are arrived at our warehouse.