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Milkyway Retro Lights

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ūüćĀ¬†Estimated Shipping Time:¬† Usually within 2 business days
ūüćĀ¬†Keycap Profile:¬†Cherry Profile Dye-sub PBT keycaps
ūüćĀ¬†Manufacturer:¬†Milkyway Keys
ūüćĀ¬†Designer: Mars

Inspired by macOS Light Mode. Novelties are macOS icon. Different from OG RGBY accents, Retro-Lights accents color are based on macOS dots color. These higher saturation accents make this set to find a balance between modern and vintage.

All kits will receive a free gift set which includes 8 blanks and accent sticks to make your own accent keys.

All images except the kitting renders are real life photos of the set*