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Milkyway Pono Light

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🍁 Group Buy Period: October 3rd, 2022 - November 4th, 2022
🍁 Estimated Shipping Time:  Q2 2023

🍁 Keycap Profile: Cherry Profile Dye-sub PBT keycaps
🍁 Manufacturer: Milkyway Keys
🍁 Designer: SourMK

Light, cute, and sweet. Pono Light offers fresh custom legends, a small collection of Ponoji's, a Katakana base, international and 40's kits, not to mention plenty of accents and text novelties to cover your keycap and Pono needs. Colors have already gone through a matching process and there was a small sample batch of keycaps tested, to ensure legend and color quality.

Pono is a combination of Pink and Mono, which coincidentally is also this mischievous kitten's name.


  • 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
  • Ultra fine printing
  • Smooth cloth top (works with all mice)
  • Stitched edges and anti-slide rubber bottom

Space & Pono Light Cable:

  • Fixed USB Type-C device-side connection 
  • Fixed USB Type-A host-side connection
  • Fixed straight cable (No coiled option)
  • Cable: Double-shielded USB 2.0 Compliant 28-gauge, 4-conductor
  • Outer jacket: PVC
  • Sleeving: 550 paracord 
  • Heat shrink material: Polyolefin 
  • Detachable connector: Genuine 0B LEMO® (4pin)
  • Detachable connector finish: Multi-stage color-matched two-tone Cerakote with fiber laser engraved & infilled alignment markings
  • Total cable length: 5 ft (1.5 m)
  • Handmade by Space Holdings in the USA
  • Est Ship date - Q1, 2023 (if ordered separately)